Reasons To Obtain A Garage Overhead Crane?

Do you have a business that offers car repairs? You may have a garage that is desperately in need of an overhead crane. Your ability to lift out engines may be compromised by an older one that you currently have that is not functioning as it should. It could be several years old, and even if you repaired it, there is the possibility that it may still not function properly. That’s why purchasing a new garage overhead Crane might be in your best interest. Here are some additional reasons that you may want to invest in a brand-new garage overhead Crane.

6 ton double girder garage overhead crane sale

6 ton double girder garage overhead crane

Getting One That Has A Larger Lifting Capacity

If you want to obtain one that can lift more weight, this can help your business in a couple different ways. This will allow you to take on more vehicles, of all different sizes, even semi trucks that have extremely heavy components. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about going beyond the capacity of the crane if you happen to have a couple of clients that have larger vehicles. When you purchase these brand-new, you also have the added benefit of knowing that they are under warranty and that they can be replaced, or repaired, if there are any problems in the near future. We are international overhead crane supplier, in addition to the garage overhead crane, there are workstation bridge crane, workshop crane, and warehouse overhead crane available in Ellsen.

Obtaining One That Has A Higher Lifting Height

Another thing to consider is the lifting height of the new overhead crane that you will get for your garage. The higher that the components can be lifted, the more useful it will be. Some of them are very short in stature by comparison to many of the others that are sold. At the very least, you should be able to lift items to a height of 10 m, although they can go up to 60 m, depending upon the facility that you are in. As a professional overhead crane manufacturer, we provide reliable crane solutions. More info has a peek at these: /ELLSENBRIDGECRANE.COM.CN//

top garage bridge crane for sale

top garage bridge crane

Span Length Of Your New Garage Overhead Crane

The span length is the last thing to consider. If you are in a very narrow building, and this is going to be stationary, then you will want to match the width of the building with the span length of the girders of the crane. This will allow you to connect with both sides of the building, providing you with the support that will be necessary to lift all of the different items.

As you are looking at different cranes from these reliable businesses, always consider these three factors. Look at the lifting height, span length, and lifting capacity of the garage overhead cranes that you are going to purchase. Once installed, it should be much better than the one that you have right now. If you have not had one before, it will certainly improve your business. Finally, always inquire about the fees, taxes, and the shipping cost that will be added to the total price. That way, you will know exactly how much you are paying for this brand-new garage overhead crane that will allow your business to become more proficient and reliable for your customers.

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advanced 5 ton single girder crane